Vittorio Cosma

Vittorio Cosma (1965) is a pianist, composer and producer. He is considered one of the leading figures of the Italian music scene and his name is connected to some of the most interesting projects of nowadays.

Gianni Maroccolo

Gianni Maroccolo (aka Marok, a nickname given by those who have shared sounds and notes with him) crosses the Italian independent music scene as an ever-changing leading musician, producer and talent-scout – although he likes to define himself as an alchemist.

Max Casacci

Massimiliano Casacci was born in Turin in 1963. He began to play aged 15. He got very soon into progressive music and studied jazz.

Riccardo Sinigallia

Riccardo Sinigallia has been writing songs since he was 12. In 1988 he starts 6 suoi ex, a band for which he will write, play and sing for four years in social centers and clubs in the early ‘90s.