Max Casacci

Max Casacci

Massimiliano Casacci was born in Turin in 1963. He began to play aged 15. He got very soon into progressive music and studied jazz.

The Eighties

Max joins two of the most important new wave bands in Turin at the age of eighteen: Carmody (recently re-released by the German label Anna Logue) and Deafear.
At the same time he composes music for theater, contemporary dance, movies and the radio (RAI Radio 2).
He begins to work in a small studio of his own as a sound engineer and producer for local bands.

The Nineties

The studio in Piazza Vittorio will take up the name of Casasonica. Max collaborates with the most important Italian artists: Afterhours, Africa Unite, Assalti Frontali, Almamegretta, Modena City Ramblers, Cristina Donà, Fratelli di Soledad, Mau Mau, Loschi Dezi, Mao e la Rivoluzione…
After becoming their producer with Madaski, he joins Africa Unite on stage as a guitarist, but soon becomes a composer and writer for the band.

As such, he will record “Babilonia e Poesia” and “Un sole che brucia”. A tour of Europe, Jamaica, Palestine and Iraq follows.

After quitting Africa Unite in 1996, Max starts Subsonica, whom he will produce in the studio in Piazza Vittorio. In the band he will be the guitarist, producer, writer along with Samuel, composer along with Boosta and Samuel.

Twentieth Century

Gatto Ciliegia Contro il Grande Freddo, Sikitikis, LNRipley, Petrol, are artists which go through his mixer in the new century, but Subsonica remain his main activity. A young Ale Bavo starts collaborating with him and will remain a faithful ally for years.
In his spare time Max writes for Mina, signing her single “Solo se sai rispondere” (produced with Ale) and Petra Magoni, signing her single “Rimando”.
He will later produce “Musica X” for Perturbazione, and the song “L’unica” for the Festival di Sanremo.
Max is responsible for the artistic return of Eugenio FInardi, who was critically acclaimed more than in the previous decades when the “Fibrillante” album was released.

In the last few years Max gave birth to electronic music projects: “Glasstress” (Max Casacci and Daniele Mana) is an uncanny album made out of glass sounds and presented at the Biennale d’Arte di Venezia, which won the prize (Toast) as best instrumental album of 2016; “Pulse” (Max Casacci, Emanuele Cisi, Daniele Mana), is a project whose rhythm is based on city sounds and gets some of the biggest Italian and international jazz players involved: Enrico Rava, Gianluca Putrella, Furio Di Castri, Flavio Boltro, along with Emanuele Cisi himself.

Max signs the soundtrack to “Uno per Tutti” by Mimmo Calopresti, winning the Premio Federico II at the Festival La Primavera del Cinema Italiano.

He takes part in the Deproducers collective with Gianni Maroccolo, Riccardo Sinigallia and Vittorio Cosma: he makes the album of music and astrophysics “Planetario” and the following “Botanica”.

In the field of electronic music, in 2016 Max mixes the album “Persona” by Lorenzo Senni: the only Italian artist recording for Warp, the most prestigious label of electronic music in the world.

The release of the first album of “Demonology HiFi”, a project of “bass” electronic made with Ninja (the drummer of Subsonica) is announced for January 2017.