Four musicians, four producers with diverse and important backgrounds.
Together to share an idea, a research project divided in chapters:
to make music for scientific conferences,
to conceive science as poetry.

The meeting of four producers as important as Vittorio Cosma, Gianni Maroccolo, Max Casacci and Riccardo Sinigallia, yielded a new and engaging project: an unprecedented marriage between music and science. Deproducers is a sort of collective which, at its beginning, saw also the collaboration of the super-producer Howie B and the amazing drummer Dodo Nkishi.Deproducers put live music onto scientific conferences, held with a language which is both scientific and accessible.

Planetario, the first chapter, dates back to 2012 and joins music to the spatial conferences of Fabio Peri, astrophysicist and director of the Planetarium of Milan. The show is enriched by original images granted by ESA.

Botanica, the second chapter, sees the light in 2016 and creates an organic and rich soundtrack for incredible revelations on the secret life of plants, narrated with precision by Stefano Mancuso, one of the most famous neurobiologists today.

The third chapter DNA sees the light in 2019, as a production of Deproducers and AIRC (the first Italian private organisation for funding independent research on cancer) and Deproducers, with the precious collaboration of the philosopher and evolutionist Telmo Pievani and the scientific advice of the researcher Professor Pier Paolo Di Fiore.

DNA tells a story common to each and every human being, from the birth of the very first cells to the appearance of Homo sapiens, up to the new discoveries of genetics. DNA is a theatrical trip to the discovery of the value of scientific research, meant as a basic instrument against cancer, and also as the metaphor of self-improvement through knowledge.

Both shows use the visuals of Marino Capitanio and the scenography of Peter Bottazzi.

Deproducers were born out of an idea by Vittorio Cosma, who decided to get some highly-esteemed musicians involved in a project which makes music and science meet.

One morning, he decided to enter the Planetarium in Milan, where he met the director ≤Fabio Peri, a scientist with an important musical background. Empathy was immediate, and the professor got soon involved in the project: that was, in fact, the birth of Planetario.

The astrophysicist tells stories about the wonders of the cosmos and the mystery of its birth, the constellations and their mythology, the relationship between Man and Infinite, with an incredible ability to get the audience involved with a simple and accessible language.

The four producers lie a live sonic carpet to his stories, and this drags the listener straight into the center of the celestial vault, thus making the concert become a true intergalactic voyage.

At a public meeting organized by Aboca, Vittorio Cosma met Stefano Mancuso in 2015. Again, immediate empathy brought to the birth of the idea of Botanica. The neurobiologist studies communication between plants, analyzing how it happens with strictly scientific criteria.

A completely unknown side of the botanic world is revealed in front of the audience, during a didactic but strictly scientific meeting, which anyone can understand.

The musicians, with the synced projections created by Marino Capitanio towering over them, accompany the voyage by drawing sonic worlds which pulsate and drag the listeners in, empowering the scientist’s communication and capturing the audience.

In the next few weeks, the contents of DNA will be unveiled: the story of our biological evolution will be recounted by Telmo Pievani, in a show described by the frontman-philosopher-biologist described as “a Trojan horse which, through music, poetry and images, delivers to the audience updated scientific contents of paramount importance, and in particular the frontiers of cancer research.“