Simone Filippi

Simone Filippi

Simone Filippi, from Reggio Emilia, born in 1972, learns to play guitar in the 80s in Burkina Faso, where he plays for a few months in the group of the National Gendarmery.

He goes back to Italy in 1990 and starts his career as a guitarist with the band Ustmamò. This experience will last twelve years and will bring to six albums released by EMI – Virgin Italy.

During these years he studies recording techniques, editing and mixing, and collaborates in the production of the Ustmamò records with famed professionals like Roberto Vernetti, Danton Supple (Passengers, Brian Eno, U2, Cold Play etc) in several studios all over Europe (including Abbey Road Studios in London).

In 1998 he founds Ust Recording Station with Luca Rossi (bass player in Ustmamò), a professional recording studio located in Villa Minozzo in the mountains of Reggio Emilia. There he participated as recording or mixing engineer to several albums (“Codex” of Giovanni Lindo Ferretti, all the solo albums of Massimo Zamboni, “Tutto Bene” of Ustmamò, “Luna in Piena” of Nada Malanima etc) and soundtracks for feature films, in particular for the Fandango company.

Since 2001 he collaborates, always with Luca Rossi and Ageo Valdesalici, to the project Fennec as a singer, guitarist and drummer. Fennec have one album out released in 2003 for EMI Italia.

In 2005 he starts a new experience as a drummer by participating to the national tour L’Apertura of Nada and Massimo Zamboni, until he enters the band Halftones, where he plays drummer. In 2007 he’s the drummer for Nada in the summer tour. Since 2008 he’s been a drummer in several tours of Massimo Zamboni and CSI, as well as teaching percussion in the music school “Luigi Valcavi” in Carpineti (RE).

In 2015 he gets Ustmamò back together with Luca Rossi by releasing the album Duty Free Rockets released by Primigenia.

In 2016, always under the distribution of Primigenia, he produces the first album Alzabandiera of the melodic punk band Tracks Five released in June 2016.