Dodo NKishi

Dodo NKishi

Dodo NKishi is a singer-songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist, best known as the drummer for the band Mouse on Mars.

Reggae and Soul form the basis to his approach towards music. Growing up a multi-racial child (his father is from Congo and his mother from Germany), has had a strong influence on his perception and interpretation of sounds and music.

NKishi founded his first reggae group in 1979, but they never officially released any recordings until they split in 1985.

Following his move to England, in 1986, Dodo soon began working with a variety of bands, musicians and producers, as well as engaging in a brief stint in the world of acting, participating in Ray Shell’s musical Street Angels. Following a sudden signing of a major publishing deal with Warner Chappell Music Ltd., in 1991, he started work on his debut album and began putting together a band.

Soon after meeting and thereon co-producing their only release T.O.T. for the project Loophole, together with Andi Toma and Raoul Walton in 1993 in Germany, Dodo met and began his long-term collaboration with Mouse on Mars in 1994, and has since been their drummer and vocalist, as well as continuing co-writing and programming with the influential duo.

He is also official drummer and backing-vocalist of the Berlin-Milan based quartet Pet, founded by Andre Abshagen, and co-wrote on their 2006 release Rewind The Sofa Lady. Over the years, Dodo has continued to intensify his live and studio collaborations with such international artists as Stewart Copeland (Gizmo), Herbert Grönemeyer (Mensch), Vittorio Cosma, Charles Bullen (This Heat, Circadian Rhythms), Changuito (on the album Syncopation), Stefano Ghittoni and Cesare Malfatti of The Dining Rooms, with whom he started Sembro, an electro-acoustic soul-folk oriented project, as well as many others, and further continues to spread his message of one love.