Fabio Peri

Fabio Peri

Fabio Peri was born in Milan in 1963.

He studied at “Conservatorio di Musica G.Verdi” of Milan, getting a diploma in piano.

He has been a performer and he has dedicated himself to computer music and composition especially for theatre and for musical comedy.

He graduated in Physics at “Università degli Studi” of Milan and he has devoted himself to Extragalactic Astronomy, to Cosmology and to the development of the “Liquid Mirror Telescopes” new technology.

He has collaborated with the University of British Columbia, with Vancouver Canada and with the “Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera” of Milan.

He has taught piano, Maths and Physics at public and private schools.

Since 1999, he has been the Curator of “Civico Planetario U. Hoepli” in Milan and he has dealt with the scientific management of the same institute.

He is the organizer of several events and conventions about Astronomy. He is member of several Italian and international societies such as: International Planetarium Society, Società Astronomica Italiana and Associazione Planetari Italiani. Moreover, he attended a lot of meetings of international planetaria (Miami in 1999, Montréal in 2000, Wichita in 2002, Valencia in 2004, Melbourne in 2006 and Chicago in 2008).

He has been a co-founder of “Associazione dei Planetari Italiani” (Planit), as well as its president from 2008 to 2011. He has been an associate of INAF (National Institute of Astrophysics) and a member of the Scientific Committee of the “Parco Scientifico Apriti Cielo” in Turin.

He usually carries out didactic activity through a lot of meetings and initiatives to let the public know Astronomy.